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This short text adventure is a proof of concept I made to: Learn Ink, then see if I could make an adventure that had a central hub! Thus it is a short adventure in a dilapidated garden!


When I started my gamedev journey a few years ago I started I started making a text adventure.  Needless to say it exploded in scope and it was never finished.   Soo when January rolled around with the Finally Finish Something Jam, I had the idea to finish the it! Though instead of dusting off the orginal files, I decided to remake it in a new engine.


BUUUTT WHYYYY?! Indeed.  I decided to switch it from being in Unity, to Ink to get a fresh start on it and learn something new. While the catalyst was finishing the old project, my priority became learn something new! Boy howdy did I! Sure I missed that deadline to finish that original adventure, but now I have knowledge and a new tool to tackle it!

Why not use Twine, Fungus, or other tools?

Ink has been on my radar since last July when there was the Ink jam. I've played around with Fungus, and little bit of Twine, and decided to try out Ink. I really enjoyed playing around with it, though I might look into integrating the next one into Unity, as my css skills aren't the greatest! If you are curious about the Ink engine check out the link below! They have a great tutorial for getting started(even if you don't know a lick of code), and their documentation is pretty comprehensive!

Written in Ink!
QA: Bamfy bamfqualitytesting@gmail.com

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GenreInteractive Fiction, Adventure
Tagsink, Short, Text based

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