Great Lake Song

Surrounding the Great Lake live for tribes of critters, the Axls, the Forge Forgs, Eccentric Torts, and the SSSSSNEEEEKSSS.  One day a object from above falls into lake threating the world itself!

Adam Le Doux - For making Bitsy in the first place!
Ruin - For the Image to Bitsy tool when enables me to do what I do. 
Ayolland - For Borksy.

Made withBitsy
Tags2D, Bitsy


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Amazing game!!! Everything looks so lovely, I like how you did each of the four kingdoms!
Ack! Why did I have to keep touching the thing that said "do not touch"!?!?!

Oh, and I notice you had multiple endings too. A duet wasn't enough to save the world it seems...

Also, secret bonus points for fitting in not only torts, sneks, and forgs, but also axls too!


Glad you enjoyed it!