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Oops, I've Summoned a Demon

Is a short game about a boy named Dex, who just wanted to open his magical jar of jam. Unfortunately in his haste, he accidental performed a summoning spell, instead the one the opens magic jars.( It's all about proper enunciation!)

Dex must climb to the top of his tree house while collecting the three items nescessary for him to stop the summoning spell! Yet, minions of the demon have started take over the tree house, presenting a great danger! Can Dex reach the top of the tree house before demon fully materializes?!




P - Reset the game to the title screen.


Traverse the three floors of the tree house while avoiding the demons!  On each floor this is a floating item that Dex needs to grab in order to stop the demon! Luckily on every floor is a candle Dex can light will trigger a wave of cleansing flames that will remove all demons on the floor!

Made for June 2019's Summer Slow Jam

Code and Such by: tyedye105(Marty)

Art by:sumwriterguy(Josiah)

Windows version, and bug fixes coming soon!


OISaD_Mac 16 MB

Install instructions

Down load the file, unzip, and run the app.

Windows version, and bug fixes coming soon!

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