Made for the September Bitsy Jam: Harvest:

This is a departure from my usual fare,  no whales of any sort in this one. (Maybe I'll sneak one into the next jam :p) To me the month of September was just my Birthday month, and start of another year of higher education.  Somewhere along the way it became like a second New Years to me, a time to reflect.  Inevitably there is that moment when looking back upon fond memories, the disappointments and failures come into focus. This is a journey through that headspace.

Thanks to
@ Ayolland for making the Borksy Tool,
@ MildMojo for the Bitsy Hacks
@ Ruin for Image to Bitsy

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aw you've done so much! i hope your harvest is real plentiful :') <3


Thanks for checking it out!  I am sure the next harvest will be {rbw}plentiful{rbw}