The Neon Stylist

The year is 1982, in  different but not like our own, a once famous 12th Street Barber has gone mad.  Having stolen all of Britain's Silvikrin,  hair styles across the country are falling flat.  It is up to the Neon Stylist to infiltrate the Barber's stronghold and stop him.

This specific bitsy was created as a gift for Ash!  I hope you enjoy it!

As always time to give credit where it is due!

 SantaDaues Emma Daues - For having this idea during that fateful midnight hour
Adam Le Doux - For making Bitsy in the first place!
Ruin - For the Image to Bitsy tool when enables me to do what I do.
Ayolland - For Borksy.
Ash - For the three words that informed this whole project! 1982, Neon, and of course Silvikrin!

Release date Dec 25, 2018
Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, Funny, Short
Average sessionA few minutes


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Oh my gosh, this is fantastic!!!


oh my GOOOD this is absolutely perfect!! the concept of Bigfoot knowing how to pilot a helicopter will now haunt my dreams

omg this is FANTASTIC!!! i looove the ending and god this was such a delight!!! i love the mix of having the big images sections serve as cut scenes! just sosss good!!


Thanks!!!! This was truly one  AMBITIOUS Bitsy game!  I am glad the big images worked out, all thanks to Image to Bitsy.  I don't know what I would do without that tool!( I do know know what I would due, suffer while stilling complex images...)


you did real great!!!! the game is super fun and super funny too!!!

yeah image to bitsy is GREAT! i obviously love it a lot and use it a fair amount (Big Mood... i do remember suffering as i tried to do some slightly complex image work just before image to bitsy got made.... that game is still not released lmao)


Wow! What a sweet adventure! Bigfoot is such a good and reliable pal even without his hair. My only regret is the hover bike... Great work, especially with the closeup cutscenes!


"One can never have enough trench coats!"

This game had EVERYTHING! Action, Intrigue, Laughs, Groans, A Giant Hairless Ape, Everything! Amazing game!!


I 😍 this. Thank you so much. 😊