The Murder of Ms.Soggybottom

Made for the Bitsy Snail Jam!  Become psychic detective Snurphy as he takes on a high profile case to pay the bills!

When you see the arrow on the bottom righthand corner of the screen press the right arrow, or d to advance the scene!

Adam Le Doux - For making Bitsy in the first place!   
Ruin - For the Image to Bitsy tool when enables me to do what I do. 
Ayolland - For Borksy.
Sean - For Opaque hack in additional to others I use on the 'reg

Made withBitsy


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I'm getting around to these late, but this one was short and sweet! I loved the city scenes. Nice work!

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So good!! I love all the snail puns, snurder and snurderer especially. Oh, and snarloten lol. This is amazing, I'm glad you managed to finish it in time for the jam :D