Made for August Bitsy Jam, theme Mixtape.

Set in a loose representation for feudal Japan, Masho, apprentice magical drum maker, and aspiring poet,  is tasked with traveling along the Tokaido, to the village on the other side of the bay to deliver a completed drum!  

* Visit a forest, a monastery, another fishing village, and even the top of Mt.Fuji!
* Hop on to the various stages and drop some beats on the people! 
* Explore the world and find 3 additional instruments to add to your beats!
* 1 Awful Beat

Thanks to ayolland for the Borksy Tool that has proven invaluable in my Bitsy endeavors, and thanks to David Mowatt for the Bitsy Muse Hack allowing for the "magic" to happen!

Made withBitsy
Tags1-bit, Bitsy, Pixel Art


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Hey great stuff. Really dig the art, especially the whale at the end. I got the bad ending but i'll definitly give it another go.

That was a really neat adventure through a bunch of really varied locations around feudal japan! Great job! 

I only got the bad end...

Also, I'm sensing some Samurai Champloo kinda vibes from this, have you seen that?

Glad you enjoyed the environment!  In retrospect I probably should have made a 'okay' ending,  as the good ending has to earned,  or maybe the a npc that you meet before you reach your destination that can "guide" you to the good ending.  
I've only seen a couple of episodes of Samurai Champloo, but I can see where that vibe is coming from!  

THIS IS SO FUN!!!!!! I finally got the good ending HHHHh

The world is so lively and I love it! And those beats really got me dancin'~


YAAAAAY!!!!! I am happy you got the good ending!! Thanks for playing!!