Whale Tale is a short narrative game made with the Space Whale Bitsy Jam!

The story follows 82 as he tries to pay of his debt owed to Ballen Corporation.

Made withBitsy


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ooh this is bleak.. i really liked it!! and the ending.. ooph!


Thanks for playing!  Yeah, this jam version is definitely very bleak.  Originally had a couple of different endings planned out, but due to time and scope, and some life things,  had to trim it to just the one ending.  Thinking of revisiting this idea and expanding upon it outside of Bitsy, at some point, as  there is a lot more lore to this than what made it into the game!

oh yeah i know the feel! it's still a nice game :D i'm totally down to play an expanded game about this!!

I really like the design of the hangar room - it's got a fantastic sense of space and the robot characters look so good.

Thanks! I was thinking bout adding wall tiles to the hanger and make it a much more confined space,  but decided I didn't have time for that.  It's seems it worked out for the better not having  walls defined by tiles!